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Koci Hybrid Series

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Our Readers are lovin' the Koci Hybrid Series

Love this series!

These characters are great and the author truly brings them alive! I have totally enjoyed books one and two, and look forward to the coming books and the escapades these hybrids get into. If you haven’t started this series, you are really missing out ?

Aggggghhhhhh, want more!!

Waited forever! Lol, not really but when you love a series this much it feels that way.
Sloan and all her guys......not even gonna try spelling them all......they seem to go from one intense crisis to another. This whole freedom from slavery thing is not going as expected but it doesn't seem to keep her down!
The building relationships between not just Sloan and her mates but all of the varied aliens, Changelings, Hybrids keeps me hooked in this story. I mean I love all the excitement, aliens, cool tech and new aliens but it's the relationships that bring me back. Plus she leaves me hanging, lol......evil Author

Holy Crap!!

What a beginning this was! I know book one always has the world-building, usually b.o.r.i.n.g. but needed! But this!! Sucked me right into Sloans mind, got to experience all of the good, nasty and downright evil she experienced and left me wanting revenge for them.
Made me feel all bloodthirsty and stuff!
So now at 2 am do I dive into book two or wait til tomorrow?? Decisions decisions