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The Cosmos Coalition Book 9 By Wendie Nordgren

Released January 2020 - A great addition to the Series.

The rulers of the Parvac Empire, Laconian Sector, and Galaxic Expanse have decided to cooperate in a clandestine endeavor to expose the villain behind a nefarious plot designed to instigate a war which would threaten their fragile peace.

Appointed by Emperor Probus as his proxy in matters of interstellar security, Princess Teagan Probus is investigating the disappearance of Katherine Dylan, one of only two known survivors of the Asylum, a merchant ship involved in the testing of a devastatingly powerful alien weapon and the key to a terrifying plot.

The Inquisitors have three unreliable key witnesses in custody, the Mad Ones, the first Laconian hybrids to be successfully created by Dr. Stanley Crispus. They were instrumental to Stig’s suspected plans but were manipulated and used against him. However, should they again attempt to question the criminally insane telepaths, it could have irrevocable consequences, not only for the Imperial family but also for the universe.

Teagan and her team believe Edvard Stig, a sadistic wealthy male with a secret agenda, is behind the escalating criminal activity. Although unproven, they believe Stig is using pirate mercenaries as his own private army, that he ordered the attack on Inquisitor Gordian’s warship, and imprisoned a mysterious telepathic alien lifeform forcing it to manufacture weapons of an advanced technology. Now, they need to learn why Stig is so intent on inciting Galaxic war, what he hopes to gain by doing so, and stop him before it’s too late. 

My Monthly Book Recommendations


Each month I will post the books I really enjoyed reading in the past month. 

Reorganized Wolf (Seraphine Thomas Book 12) by Erin R. Flynn


 Division Chief Seraphine Thomas knew going to Russia was a trap and she would be the target. Her life changes forever in an instant when her enemies take the nuclear option to hurt her in the worst way possible.

Just when she thought nothing could shake her more than her birth father coming back into the picture and having to adopt her half-brother—becoming a mother, which she never wanted—life throws her a surprise right hook. And when it doesn’t seem to be as bad as she thought, it gets worse.

Much, much worse.

An old adversary Sera hoped never to see or tangle with again comes to Chicago and with a powerful backing that scares her into considering the one thing she never thought she would… Leaving the FBI. And someone she loves is the reason he’s there trying to hurt her again.

All of that and someone’s leaving bombs around Chicago wrapped as holiday presents. Sera’s not sure if she’s going to blow her top or bash some heads in, but some people are definitely getting coal in their stockings this year.

Seraphine Thomas is a crime series filled with Chicago attitude and a strong heroine that pushes what most would think a female lead capable of, along with the heat being involved with several men brings while trying to figure out what she wants. 

Border Wars Book 8 by Evan Currie

Border Wars (On Silver Wings Book 8) by Evan Currie

 The mission continues as Sorilla, the Green Berets of the Fifth, and the Lucian Sentinels take their investigation to the colony world claimed by Islamic separatists during the very earliest of Earth's Diaspora period.

It is clear to Sorilla that there is something far more at play than a mere guerilla insurrection against the Alliance, and the more she learns, she more she feels it is necessary to get to the bottom of it all.

Ultimately, though, what price will be paid for knowledge?

And, once paid, will it have been worth it?

De Opresso Liber 

Survive (The Atlantis Grail Book 4) by Vera Nazarian

Survive (The Atlantis Grail Book 4) by Vera Nazarian

 The End is Here, in a Fiery Cosmic Apocalypse!

Gwen Lark knows how to Qualify, Compete, and Win...
The time has come to Survive.

The Games of the Atlantis Grail have come to a ground-shaking halt and Gwen Lark, nerd, geek, and awkward smart girl, survived the remarkable ordeal, for the time being.

But the worst is yet to come!

Now, both the colony planet Atlantis and Earth are under a threat of annihilation, and everything is up in the air, including dire and stunning wonders in the Atlantean skies.

Will there be a Wedding? Will there be a future for Gwen Lark, her beloved, and all their families, friends, and loved ones?

Is Gwen’s rare and powerful talent, the Logos voice of creation, enough to resolve the greatest mystery of the Kassiopei Imperial Dynasty and its role in the events of deepest antiquity since the dawn of time?

The fate of the entire human species is at stake, and now there can be no respite, not a moment to lose. The final battle is here, and Gwen, and everyone she knows and loves, are in for the greatest fight of their lives.

It is time to survive.

SURVIVE is the fourth and final book in The Atlantis Grail series, now an international cross-genre phenomenon, optioned for film. 

Family and Honor (Jacky Leon Book 2) by Kristen Banet

Family and Honor (Jacky Leon Book 2) by Kristen Banet

 Jacky Leon got away with it. She defended a little human girl, made a few unlikely acquaintances, and survived to tell the tale. Now she’s the only werecat in the supernatural community who can say a small family of werewolves lives in her borders.

That isn’t a good thing, though. As news of her heritage and relation to Hasan becomes more well known, Jacky finds herself in the spotlight, slammed with guilt over recent werecat problems and her duty as a daughter of Hasan. Having ignored the supernatural world and its politics for so long, she had no idea what sort of repercussions would come from her actions to defend Carey Everson. Ignorance can no longer be her shield.

Jacky wants to do better. She’ll step up to her responsibilities and stop running. She’ll learn how to live up to the obligations and expectations of her family.

Her honor demands it.